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WE BELIEVE that everyone has been gifted by God in some way for the building up of the church. Here at Torch, we want to provide for you an opportunity to serve in your gifts and passions. We want every Sunday to be a better experience because you were a part of it. And if your burden doesn't exactly meet any of our ministry areas, then we will do whatever we can to partner with you and help launch you into a leadership role either within the church or without as you combine your burden with your passion!


Here are just some of the Ministry areas at Torch where you can get involved and serve (and be served as well)!

Missions Team

The Missions team will be responsible for providing local, national, and international mission opportunities for the church as a whole and individuals within the church to participate in together. They will need to be able to coordinate these mission projects and communicate them on appropriate forums.


House Church Coordinator

The House Church Coordinator is a huge responsibility as this is fundamental to the identity of Torch, but one that comes with great rewards. Leaders are the glue that keeps things together. They will look to you for support, encouragement and wisdom. Our goal is to ensure that each and every church attender is provided the occasion to be involved in a small House Church for Bible Study and fellowship.

Here are your responsibilities:

     - Plug in new attenders making sure that no one is left behind.

     - Prepare House Church leaders for their teaching ministry.

     - Pray for our House Churches

     - Set the tone - others look to you for excitement, buy in and              interest in the vision.




The Secretary will create and update a database of the people in the church, including weekly attendance and giving records. The secretary will also be primarily responsible for effective communication by such means as sending out text blasts, sending birthday cards, sending follow-up letters, making Facebook events, editing videos, etc. Ultimately, this person will need to be able to maintain organization in the ministry


The Clerk will be primarily responsible for keeping a record of the business of the church. This would include meeting notes for business meetings and historical records of all major decisions and events of the church.


Host Team

Statistics show that if someone does not make a significant connection or friendship, they will likely not attend again. Our host team understands how important it is that anyone that walks in is greeted, welcomed, and that we get some or all of their contact info that can then be passed on to the secretary. Without being swarmed or overwhelmed, people desire to be known and welcomed. The Host Team will be responsible to greet people as they enter and connect new people with others, make each person feel welcomed, and make sure they are in the right place and not alone. Also, they should assist in maintaining the facility by dusting, sweeping, washing, wiping, drying, removing whatever needs cleaned.


Tech Team

Tech team volunteers arrive early, they sometimes stay late but the value they add to the Ministry is immeasurable. Tech team volunteers really set the scene for the worship, dialing in the sound, setting the mood with the lights, playing the right music at the right time. They create the environment and opportunity for authentic worship. So much of what Tech volunteers do is designed to break stereotypes of what Church is from the moment a new person steps into the building. They create graphics, videos, maintain the audio, run the website and social media, etc. The primary responsibility of the visual team member will be to create and run the Powerpoint for worship each week.


Worship Team

We need someone with musical talent and has a heart and passion to lead others in Worship. Every Sunday, Praise and Worship is a primary aspect of our time together. Worship team members need to be leaders on the stage as well as off. Their obvious responsibility will be to work with the pastor to plan, organize, and lead worship for Worship.

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