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House Churches

The church is made up of two complimentary parts: the large public gathering in the temple and small meetings in people’s homes. We see this dual church life in Acts 2:42-47, Acts 5:42, and Acts 20:20 when the early church met together in the temple courts (large group expression) and from house to house (small group expression). The New Testament Church wasn't just a House Church or just a Temple Church, they were both!

So is the large Sunday gathering at the church more important or is the house church gathering more important? The answer is, Yes!  At Torch, we want both to be a priority in your faith journey. The reason is simply because according to the Word of God, both Corporate Church and House Church play an essential role in the spiritual life and growth of a believer.

So if you decide to become a part of the Torch Community Church family, we hope you will commit to both the large and home church gatherings. One is like your immediate church family, the other is a like a spiritual family reunion, and both happen every week to help you become a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ.

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