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Torch Community Church - Who Are We?

Who Are We?

What Is Our Identity?

Why Are we Going There?

Does It Really Matter?

What Is The Reward For Achieving The Goal?

Torch Community Church – Together, we are learning to Lead through, Love in, and Live for Christ.


Powerful, modern, Spirit-filled Worship; like for real…not just saying this. Sensitive, welcoming environment to unchurched/newly churched. An intense call/commitment for Christians to live a life of Spiritual Disciplines and ministry. An environment of authenticity and transparency…we understand we aren’t perfect and we’re not going to try and hide that…we hope you don’t feel like you need to either.


Because we love the local church and truly believe that we experience Christ more in the setting of a diverse community of believers than anywhere else. We believe that the local church provides the hope for humanity and the great opportunity for discipleship and accountability. In Genesis, God walked with Adam in the garden and throughout Scripture He pursued relationship with His people more than anything else. Jesus said, “seek me and you shall find me when you seek me with all your heart.” We just want to be a part of a church where we can seek Christ with all their heart and mind no matter their spiritual maturity. We want a church where we can experience God both emotionally and intelligently.



We believe that most American churches have become more American than church. And most American pastors are more concerned with narcissistic motives to be a local/regional/national Christian celebrity than actually loving and leading people. We’ve been involved behind the scenes in church life long enough to have grown discouraged that an authentic Christian experience of unified community is far too difficult to discover in the American church landscape. So why are we going there? To give Christians one more authentic church to find.


A church that people, including us, can be excited to be a part of and where God through his Holy Spirit can genuinely begin moving and growing people. We believe there is a God, we believe He is relational, and we believe He would be glorified through spiritual leaders creating an environment where He can build into His relationship with people without distractions, politics, and American materialism interfering.

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